Scope and Objectives

The main objective of this CACCE conference-workshop is to bring together Caribbean educators, scientists, and government officials interested in the topic to discuss relevant issues of climate change in the Caribbean region. It will also seek to provide a mechanism for transferring the knowledge, to discuss and organize future educational and research efforts, and to foster collaboration within the Caribbean countries with CACCE in the field of climate change. The workshop will provide an efficient mechanism for transferring the information between researchers and educators from Caribbean countries. Potential participants are being identified. They will participate in the technical sessions and discuss institutional and educational or research issues, priorities, and potential collaborations. They will provide a broad perspective of experiences with problems related to climate change from different points of view.


This CACCE conference-workshop will provide an opportunity to bring together experts on several fields related to climate change. It will also help educators and researchers from the Caribbean to interact among them. The invited speakers will present on current projects, discuss strategies in their respective countries and institutions, and share knowledge about the impact of their work in the understanding of climate change, and visualize new trends and future directions in research. The papers presented, the discussions, and the resulting proceedings will provide excellent mechanisms to transfer the information among the Caribbean and Latin-American countries. All participants will greatly benefit from the presentations. The countries will benefit from the interaction with each other. The workshop will also provide a valuable opportunity to strengthen current ties and establish new connections between the participants. It can be expected that joint collaborative projects will result from the interaction among the various participants. It is also expected that the workshop will provide opportunities for increasing efforts leading the Caribbean countries to be part of CACCE and to enhance joint collaborative proposals which advance our knowledge on climate change issues in the Americas.