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All presentations that are published here have copyrights. The copyrights are from the authors listed within the work. If you use information from these presentations please cite the author accordingly. If you copy images, tables, text, o figures from these works please include a message indicating "Author: Name of Author" in your manuscript or presentation. Do so CLEAR AND FOR EVERY image, table, text, or figure used. Thank you!
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Long term trends in African dust transport to the Caribbean: African sources, changing climate, and future scenarios

J. M. Prospero

Saharan dust composition on the way to the Americas and potential impacts on atmosphere and biosphere

K. Kandler

Mixing states of African dust transported across the north Atlantic

J. R. Anderson and X. Hua

Single scattering albedo of fine mineral dust aerosols controlled by iron

H. Moosmüller, J. Engelbrecht, W. P.  Arnott, G. Frey, and R. K. Chakrabarty

Impact of African dust events in the chemical composition of cloud water sampled at Pico Este, P.R.

A. Gioda, C. J. Valle-Diaz and O. L. Mayol-Bracero

Estimating dust and nutrient fluxes to the tropical north Atlantic using aerosol chemical observations acquired from ships: problems and potential

A. Baker

Chemical modification of airborne mineral dust

V. Grassian

Updated dust-iron dissolution mechanism: effects of organic acids, photolysis, and dust mineralogy

N. Meskhidze and M.S. Johnson

The evolution of the North African dust plume over the past 20,000 years

D. McGee, P.B. deMenocal, G. Winckler, J.-B. Stuut

Regional modeling of Saharan dust transport towards the tropical Atlantic

I. Tegen

African dust export and impacts: an integrated satellite and model perspective

D. A. Ridley, C.L. Heald, B. J. Ford

Long-range dust transport and its impact on us air quality

S. Lu, Y. Tang, H. Huang,  J. McQueen, A. da Silva, and M. Chin

Saharan dust analyses and forecasts for the Americas

D. L. Westphal, R. B. Husar, S. E. McClure, W. Eberhard, J. R. Campbell, E. J. Hyer, J. S. Reid, W. R. Sessions, and J. Zhang

The fate of Saharan dust across the Atlantic and implications for a central American dust barrier

E. Nowottnick, P. Colarco, A. da Silva, D. Hlavka, M. McGill

The influence of African dust outbreaks on Atlantic hurricanes

A. Evan

Aerosol and ocean science expeditions (AerOSE): analysis of dust optical properties and their impact on the thermodynamics of the Saharan air layer

E. Joseph, A. Flores, M. Oyola, N. Nalli, V. Morris, R. Lumpkin, D. Wolfe, and P. J. Minnett

Transport and processing of African dust observed over the eastern Caribbean

E. Jung, B. Albrecht, J. M. Prospero, and H. H. Jonsson

Toxicologically important characteristics of atmospheric particulate mineral matter from diverse sources: a context for understanding potential health implications of intercontinental dust

G. Plumlee

WMO sand and dust storm warning advisory and assessment system (SDS-WAS): scientific cooperation initiative for Americas

L. Jalkanen, S. Nickovic and W. Sprigg

Respiratoryhealth effects of global transport of African dust

M. McCormack

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