HandsESJP 2015 at UPRM

What is good engineering? Is it simply the design and development of products and systems that predictably obey physical laws on demand? Or is it a holistic enterprise that anticipates and responds directly to social, political, and environmental impacts and needs? In particular, who benefits and who is marginalized as the consequence of engineering decisions? Who is included and who is excluded from the engineering design and decision making practices? How can the processes that drive engineering research, design, education, and practice be made more just, inclusive, and respectful of the environment? The ESJP Conference brings together a diverse community of engineers, social scientists, designers, artists, humanists, community builders, and others, working as scholars, students, practitioners, and activists, who work to envision and put into practice models of engineering design and pedagogy that inspire and promote community participation, ecological harmony, social justice, and peace.

The sister project of GREAT IDEA, "Cultivating Responsible Wellbeing in STEM (CRWS): Social Engagement through Personal Ethics" (NSF #1449489), together with CoHemis (Centro Hemisférico de Cooperación en Investigación y Educación en Ingeniería y Ciencia Aplicada), and Instituto Universitario para el Desarrollo de Comunidades, is pleased to host the 11th annual Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace (ESJP) Conference.

This conference convenes practioners, academics, activists, and others for deep dialogue regarding the relationships between engineering, technology, social justice, and peace.

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